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Faculty and Staff

Associate Professor of Leadership Studies and Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law, Richard L. Morrill Chair in Ethics & Democratic Values
Political Philosophy
Professor of Political Science
Co-coordinator, Healthcare Studies Program
Public Policy
Health Care Policy
Health Insurance
Mental Health Policy
Medicare Policy
Assistant Professor of Health Psychology
Health disparities
Multicultural and cross-cultural aspects of mental and physical health
Psychosocial aspects of chronic illness
Solid organ transplantation
Positive psychology
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Islamic Medicine
Traditional Medicine and Biomedicine in Southeast Asia and Beyond
Mothering, Midwifery and Ethnic Identity in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
Political Autonomy and Ethnic Identity in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
Adjunct Lecturer of Healthcare Studies
Associate Professor of Anthropology and International Studies
Healthcare Studies Faculty Advisory Board
The Middle East and North Africa
Critical medical anthropology
Humanitarianism and global health
Global poverty and international aid
Structural violence and social suffering
Transnational feminist theory
Ethnographic theory and research methods
Associate Professor of Management
Director of Pre-Health Education
Co-coordinator, Healthcare Studies Program
Adjunct Instructor, Healthcare & Society