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Fall 2018 Upcoming Courses

Core Courses

HCS 100 Introduction to Healthcare Studies
HCS 390 Senior Capstone
BUAD 202 Business Statistics
MATH 209 Introduction to Statistical Modeling

Law, Philosophy and Humanities

HCS 201 Health and the Caring Professions
HIST 199 Health in American History

Research Methods, Analysis and Communications

ACCT 201 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
ANTH 211 Introduction to Ethnographic Field Methods
GEOG 260 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
PLSC 270 Social Science Inquiry
PSYC 200 Methods and Analyses
RHCS 102 Interpersonal Communication
SOC 211 Sociological Research Methods and Data Analysis

HCS 397 ST: Pharmacoeconomics
HCS 397 ST: Health Law
BIOL 108 Environmental Biology
BIOL 120 Emerging Infectious Diseases
BIOL 199 Molecular Mechanism of Medicine
BIOL 346 Medical Entomology
BIOL 354 Biological Basis of Neurodegenerative Diseases
PSYC 315 Adult Development
PSYC 323 Health Psychology
PSYC 331 Behavioral Neuroscience